AirPower PalmOS 1.2
Released: 10.08.2003 Logo AirPower PalmOS 1.2  
License Type: Shareware
Platform: Palm OS 3.0,Palm OS 3.1,Palm OS 3.2
Product homepage: http://www.arkansoft.com/AirPower.html
Price: $5.95 US
(357 K)


Photos, interesting history info, description, performance data and specifications on many famous U.S. Air Force fighters, bombers, attack aircraft, service aircraft such as transports and AWACS, as well as Daisy Cutter and Bunker Buster bombs and several missiles. See also JetDat a similar program for famous commercial jetliners.

AirPower PalmOS 1.2

Keywords: airplane,jet,plane,jetdat,airpower,fly,aeroplane,aircraft,war,battle

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