DuplicatEraseR2 2.0
Released: 19.07.2004 Logo DuplicatEraseR2 2.0  
License Type: Shareware
Platform: WinXP
Product homepage: http://www.dr-kesper.de/DuplicatEraseR/
Price: $14.95 US
(537 K)


Do you have hundreds of mp3 files with many of them beeing duplicates. Have you ever tried to identify these duplicates manualy. It takes hours and even then you will surely miss some duplicates that are not obvious: The ID3-Tags are misleading, the bitrate differs, etc.

But finally there is a solution!

DuplicatEraseR uses many different informations to find duplicate mp3 or image files. Based on a highly efficient attribute comparison algorithm dulicates are identified.

The graphical user interface than allows for the direct comparison of files that seem to be dulicate. It even lets you play two songs simultaneously – the best way to find duplicates.

So within a short time you can clean up you mp3 or image collection.

DuplicatEraseR2 2.0

Keywords: DuplicatEraseR, mp3, image, duplicate, files, identical

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