Lectramini Ger 3.01.0007
Released: 25.06.2002 Logo Lectramini Ger 3.01.0007  
License Type: Shareware
Platform: Win95,Win98
Product homepage: http://www.lectramini.com/atelier_ger.htm
Price: $35.00 US
(12393 K)


LECTRAMINI with Voice Synthesis! You can get some practice in reading. Many exercises (6) are proposed, so you can systematically work the basic abilities of the reading act: the perceptive skill, the knowledge of vocabulary, anticipation, selective reading… LECTRAMINI builds automatically your exercises, using the text you enter or call from a text library. The treatment of the performances is possible. Lectra is a shareware.

Lectramini Ger 3.01.0007

Keywords: read education exercise closure speed german voice synthesis

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