Music Organizer 3.6
Released: 01.12.2001 Logo Music Organizer 3.6  
License Type: Shareware
Platform: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Product homepage: http://www.primasoft.com/32org/32muo.htm
Price: $43.00 US
(2700 K)


Music Organizer for Windows is a powerful and flexible program that will help you organize your music collection (CDs, cassettes and records). Features: Unlimited Number of Records; Graphical Data Field for scanned-in images; Flexible Sorting; Powerful Reports; Printing Labels; Generates WEB (HTML) pages; Supports entries from Scanners, Digital Cameras; New: View your records through organizer’s IE browser.

Music Organizer 3.6

Keywords: music, cd, mp3, band, tape, collect, organize, catalog, collect

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