RomeoJuliet5 4.21
Released: 14.02.2007 Logo RomeoJuliet5 4.21  
License Type: Shareware
Platform: Windows Mobile 2005
Product homepage: http://www.newlogicalgames.com/index.php?PageStatus=11&PageAdress=3&PageNum=0&Langv=1
Price: $11.95 US
(1044 K)


It is the sad story. Romeo laves Juliet and Juliet loves Romeo, but cruel soceress wants to separate them. She flings them on the different sides of a bog… Help their love! Your goal to connect the opposite sides of a bog, that Romeo and Juliet could meet. The cruel soceress will prevent to you. She willl send loathsome frogs to you. The faster you make a road, the less harm cruel soceress will do.

RomeoJuliet5 4.21

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